My fees are based on the German Act on Regulation of Lawyers’ Fees. In general, they depend on the amount of money in contention and the scope of my activities for the case. I will gladly provide you with more information on the fees you can expect if I am to act as your representative in court or on an out-of-court arrangement.

Fees for the initial consultation

I charge € 60 to € 100 (including 19% VAT) for the initial consultation, which takes place in my office.

Insurance for legal expenses

I will also take care of inquiring with your insurance provider for legal expenses to determine their portion of coverage. All I need is the name of the insurance provider and your policy number.

Information on coverage protection

Private insurance policies for legal expenses cover labor disputes. Problems tend to arise with suspension agreements in terms of coverage protection; it is often a case-by-case situation. However, the review of employment contracts is an exception: They are not covered by insurance because there is no claim for damages.

Disputes regarding trademark law are different: These are never covered by insurance. The reason for it is that they are excluded in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance of all providers for insurance for legal expenses. Likewise, the costs of protecting trademarks is not covered.

There cannot be any generalizations made for civil law disputes. Sometimes the risk is covered by insurance, sometimes it isn’t. It depends on the individual case.

Legal aid

You have the ability to apply for legal aid for court disputes if the chances of a successful outcome are positive and you are unable to cover the costs of pursuing a court case due to personal and financial reasons. You can find the legal form here. Please read the instructions on the form carefully.