Trademark law

Anyone who offers goods or services is faced with the question of how to advertise them: it is certainly possible to sell a dress as a dress. But doesn’t the name of a fashion label make itself much better in advertising? Trademark law, which grants protection, helps here.

Trademark protection

Once a fantasy name or a logo has been found, many other questions arise, for example:

  • How can I protect myself from “free riders”?
  • Has the word mark already been assigned to someone else?
  • Can I have my logo (“picture mark”) protected at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office or in Europe?
  • What are the benefits of a registration and what does it cost?
  • For which goods and services do I have the trademark protected at all?

Trademark law

I will answer these legal questions individually within the scope of a consultation. I would be pleased to register your trademark at a flat rate.

If you wish to sue a third party for infringement of your trademark rights or if you have been warned for infringement of trademark rights, I will represent you in and out of court. You can find out about the expected costs here. Please note: Legal expenses insurances do not help in these cases.